addressing youth unemployment and education in nigeria

Student Hub Nigeria is a nationwide workforce of young Nigerians which businesses use to fill their existing job vacancies and fulfil business needs 

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SHNG - Recruitment Affiliate

Earn up to N150K per month as an affiliate partner

affilBase - Merchant Activations

Earn up to N18,000 per day activating merchants

eUniverse - Agent Banking

Earn as a Mobile Money Agent with Fidelity Bank

What we do

connecting businesses with human capital

We provide permanent, temporary, contract and seasonal staff to fill job vacancies

We provide on demand workforce to help businesses grow, acquire customers and get market insights seamlessly

We provide a dedicated workforce to design and execute integrated marketing communications for businesses


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Find job opportunities, internships and placements. Get career support, advice, CV review, information, trainings and more. Our growing list of industries provides more opportunities for you.


Access a Reliable Workforce.

We connect businesses with the best talents. Our highly trained workers are the best in every industry we serve.


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We connect businesses with human capital

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