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10 Childhood memories every Nigerian can relate to!

Growing up as a young child in Nigeria means you have a truckload of horror stories to share as a grown up -and surprisingly, everyone you know most likely had the same experience (ajebutter, kpako and omo get inside alike).

In the spirit of throwback Thursday, here are the top ten childhood memories we believe every Nigerian (Born and Bred WAZOBIA) can relate to!

  1. “Did the 1st position have two heads?”

Excuse me sir, it’s not my fault na. Somebody will carry 3rd position too na.

2. “Go and wear your slippers… I’m waiting”

The story of my life…

3. “If you pass your exams, I will buy you a bicycle”

Fact is, the only bicycle we ever got was -NONE.

4. “Bring it, let me help you keep”

Mummy, Mummy! If you invested all the ‘bring it’ by now I should have like 1m but no, your own is to follow up with ‘do you know how long I have been taking care of you’.

5. F1 Racing -Tyre & Stick version

The star kid was usually the one who could run fast with any type of stick or tyre.

6. ‘Mommy and Daddy’

Some Nollywood stars probably groomed their acting skills from pretending to be their own parents at playdates.

7. Sand canteens

Making rice and stew with sand was the highlight of some children’s afternoon…for others, it was watching them from the balcony because if you go down, you will be whipped.

8. “When I was your age…”

If checkmate was a Nigerian Dad’s favorite phase, this would be it!

9. Candy Crush aka Baba Dudu

Not everyone knew this…but KitKat, Mars and Bounty no reach!

10. Long-Distance vacations

If you were not carted off to your father’s younger sister’s house for holidays, cousins were brought to yours!

Well, one thing is for sure, the Nigerian Childhood experience definitely prepared us for some bits of adulthood!