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10 Reasons to stay indoors #COVID-19

For some people, the worst thing they are dealing with during this pandemic is having to stay indoors 24/7. As an extroverted person, it can be difficult to adjust to the elongated lockdown, even with the eased curfew. However, it is very important to stay indoors in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus outbreak. Need conviction? Here are 10 reasons to stay indoors.

  1. Flatten the curve

The coronavirus outbreak has been on a constantly growing curve due to the increasing number of cases, but by staying indoors you are doing your part in preventing the spread and thus, flattening the curve.

2. Case tracking and follow-up

When new coronavirus cases are recorded, the index case in that area draws a map of their recent contacts and locations, by staying indoors, you help the officials track down cases easier, as there is a less dense population in the unaccounted locations like public places.

3. Medical practitioners

There are medical practitioners who are away from their families, providing treatment to infected cases across the country. You do your part to help them by staying indoors and reducing the number of cases by one –yourself.

4. Frontline and essential workers

Frontline care providers and essential workers are exposed to the virus because they have to provide these services to people on a daily basis, if you risk infection and come in contact with an essential worker you are putting their sacrifice to void.

5. Risk of contact

The biggest risk you avoid by staying indoors is contact with an unknown infected person. If you are indoors, you know everyone who comes and goes to your house and at such, can avoid contact if need be.

6. Safety

During this pandemic, armed forces are being deployed to certain areas and they may use more force than necessary to actualize compliance, the best way to ensure your safety is by staying indoors.

7. Communal responsibility

It is your communal responsibility to avoid public places and simply stay indoors because that way you avoid contact and unaware spread of the virus.

8. Self-isolation

Another important reason to stay indoors is the possibility of you being infected and then spreading. While some cases are asymptomatic, which means that they do not show the typical symptoms, it is best to be in self-isolation if you notice you are having any symptoms. By doing that, you also flatten the curve because there is reduced contact with others.

9. Support to family members

Being indoors can be a huge headache for some people. However, being with loved ones makes it bearable to an extent. Stay indoors to be a support to your family members.

10. Rest

While having a steady source of income during this pandemic is a big deal, being able to rest with unofficial hour is also a huge relief. If you are infected, the time spent will be worse off, instead you can simply stay indoors and enjoy the rest.

You may find it very difficult to remain indoors but, just remember, you are helping someone on the frontline and flattening the curve.


Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe.