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In recent times technology has advanced so quickly in the business world and every other industry.

The mode of communication has been much more easier and collaboration has also become more efficient.

Working remotely has become the new norm.

Business professionals don’t have to be in the same location to be able to work efficiently.

For that reason, you have to keep up with the latest communication tools to help remote working become much easier.

To have a better video conferencing experience, there are a few things you need to understand such as setting up proper equipment, video conferencing etiquettes and how to handle online meetings with ease.

This post would guide you on some necessary video conferencing tips and tricks.

Test your video conferencing tool before proceeding

Before starting your virtual meeting, test everything. Check that your software works properly and make sure your internet connection is strong enough for a better result.

Dress professionally

It is very important to appear presentable for a virtual meeting.

The fact that it is virtual doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appear professional. It is still an official setting.

Be prepared

Make sure to have an agenda/plan before your meeting.

This would help prepare your clients/team members ahead for the meeting to make sure it runs smoothly.

Get rid of any form of distractions in the background

Wherever you’d like to work from it is important that your background is free from any form of distraction.

Remember you’re still at work so try to create a professional environment.

Have a good lighting

Ensure that the location of your video conferencing call has a good lighting. Try to create adequate lighting for your camera because poor camera lighting could leave your audience in the dark.

Organize your background tabs before sharing your screen

There’s nothing as embarrassing as having your cluttered tabs showing while you share your screen. No one wants to see that.

Make sure to clear all your personal tabs before sharing your screen during meetings.

Turn off your notifications

After clearing your tabs also make sure you turn off your notifications so you wouldn’t have messages or alerts interrupting during the meeting.

There’s nothing more annoying than constantly seeing notifications in the middle of meetings.

Always mute yourself when you’re not speaking

Always remember to mute yourself when you’re not speaking. It would be very disturbing for people to be listening to the background voices in your environment.

Be on time

This is a norm for even physical meetings. Eye contact is important during a video conference, you definitely want the person or team that’s conferencing to feel engaged, so when you walk in late you’ll be making noise and distracting anyone who is speaking in the room. This can sometimes cause confusion and breaks in between meetings.

Close all background apps for best performance

Before you start your meeting, make sure to save your work and close any apps you won’t need. Especially programs that contain personal data or use too much CPU power.

Having too many apps open will slow down your computer while you’re on a video call. This is because the call itself requires a lot of resources, especially if you’re on a lightweight laptop.

Using this few tips be sure to have a stress free and productive work from home experience.