Remote-Working: Top 10 tools

The 14 days lockdown initiated as a preventive measure against the further spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Ogun especially) has given rise to the need for most business owners, team leaders and their employees to work from home (WFH). To maintain productivity and functioning of teams during this period, we have […]

Tips for a Friday night (in) out! #COVID-19

Yesterday, 26th of March 2020, Nigeria confirmed 14 new cases of Coronavirus and that has put a damper of sorts on Friday Night plans. Still, we have to TGIF. Just with caution. Sticking to the social distancing guidelines from the World Health Organisation and NCDC directives, it’s going to be a Friday Night In. But […]


It is no longer news that social distancing is the best way to control the spread of the coronavirus. With the new #stayathome directive, most people have lost touch with their social selves. The most active place right now, is social media and as expected, boredom is becoming a thing. Looking for something to keep […]

Work From Home: Is your business ready?

The current global situation of the coronavirus pandemic has put an infinite pause on most activities, and the outbreak in Nigeria could also result in a similar situation. In most affected countries, there is a nationwide ‘Work From Home’ order due to the pandemic and it is already being adopted by some Nigerian companies and […]

Schools shut down Nationwide #COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19, Coronavirus, has led to a series of institutional amendments across all sectors in the country, especially education. The Nigerian Government on Thursday, 19th of March,¬†ordered the closure of all the 104 Unity Secondary Schools¬†in the country. This closure is to be effective from Thursday, 26th of March, 2020. Governor of […]

Your ultimate guide to: Negotiating Salary

Any job-seeker can tell you the thrill of getting a call-back from a successful interview. Usually at this stage, you either go on to documentation (validating your credentials) or negotiations (salary and credentials). It is at the negotiations stage that most people undervalue themselves, or succumb to the prior stress of job-searching and take what […]

COVID-19: NYSC Orientation suspended

On Wednesday 18th of March 2020, the National Youth Service Corps announced that it would be suspending the ongoing nationwide orientation for the Batch A corps members. The orientation which began on the 10th of March was stipulated to run for three weeks. The suspension is in line with global action to prevent the further […]


Nigerians are known for their exceptional, groundbreaking talents across the world. Here are five amazing Nigerians, all under age 40, who are making waves across several industries. ODUNAYO EUNICE EWENIYI Co-founder and CEO of top fintech platform, PiggyVest. ETOP IKPE Founder of Nigeria’s first used-cars and Autotech trading platform, Cars45. OKECHUKWU OFILI Founder and CEO […]

THE FIVE: Market Analysis tools

Data is the foundation for success of any business. You need to know what is working in your marketing strategy and what is not, as well as the essentials of your system of operations and what needs to be amended for better results. How do you get these answers and results? Market Analysis. Traditionally, you […]

Your ultimate guide to: Enjoy your weekend #COVID-19

Weeknd sang, “It’s the weekend, we are off the deep end…” and he definitely knew what he was talking about but, with the virus that has put the world in a state of confusion, it is important to enjoy the weekend SAFELY. Here is the StudentHub NG ultimate guide to enjoying your weekend! Drink a […]