A lot of employers think that having a long interview process is the best way to get the right candidate but that’s actually tiring for both the recruiter and the applicants. Here are three short steps to pick the right candidate. CV Assessment Set a benchmark for what you want from a potential employee and […]


Getting a job is quite an excellent feat, but do you know what is better than that? Carrying out your duties perfectly and that can only be done with the right skillset. So, what is a skillset? It is the knowledge, abilities, and experience you need to perform a job adequately. This could be planning, […]


The lockdown situation, as a result of the coronavirus, has led to an increase in the need for online interviews as more companies are in search of remote workers. However, a lot of Nigerian companies’ HR personnel are not familiar with the procedure for having an online interview, as opposed to the standard physical one. […]


Being on a job hunt is, in more ways than one, like running through an obstacle course. If you are a jobseeker, you can definitely relate to this scenario. You have been submitting your CV to different companies. You saw an advertised role that perfectly fit your education/experience so you applied. A few days later […]

How to write a Business Plan

A business plan is a clearly outlined description of your ideas, projections, and objectives. It could be a profile for your business or as a document needed in the application for proposals. It is important to provide accurate, factual, and engaging information in your business plan. The question is, how? Check it out below. Do […]

CV Highlights (For Employers)

The Curriculum Vitae aka CV is typically a representation of the candidate. It provides basic information about them, with emphasis on their capabilities as a result of education and/or experience. It also provides insight on how the person perceives himself/herself and what they can achieve. Being aware of these essential functions of a CV, it […]

10 Reasons to stay indoors #COVID-19

For some people, the worst thing they are dealing with during this pandemic is having to stay indoors 24/7. As an extroverted person, it can be difficult to adjust to the elongated lockdown, even with the eased curfew. However, it is very important to stay indoors in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus […]

Why exactly are we washing our hands?

One of the most important health campaigns since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic is the need for constantly washing our hands. It is a recommended safety measure by the WHO and national health agencies, to prevent the spread of the virus. We get that part but, how exactly does washing our hands helps us […]

How to stay motivated #Covid19

Working during the lockdown can take a huge dip into your mental health but it is very important to remain conscious and motivated! While it may be stressful to pay attention to your energy while trying to beat deadlines, you need to maintain positive energy to avoid burning out. How? Check out these tips! Focus […]

StudentFreelancers #Feature

Student Hub NG is focused on the empowerment of young Nigerians, and we achieve this through a platform for student freelancers. Hire student freelancers in every field from web design and development to graphic designs and retail sales. We have professionally trained students who are READY TO WORK. Go on to www.student-freelancers.com to hire student […]