How To Reach Out To Brands For Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to customer engagements and growth, especially with digital marketing. Getting in contact with the brands you are interested for collaboration can be a bit stressful, but we’ve simplified it! Do your research The first step is to know which exact brands you want to work with and do due diligence in […]

Maya Horgan Famodu #WCW

Meet our woman crush for the week, Tech founder and entrepreneur, Maya Horgan Famodu. Maya’s focus on driving growth and development in Sub-saharan Africa is largely driven towards promoting entrepreneurship in Sub-saharan Africa. To support this, she started Ingressive Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage businesses. Her company backs African […]

How To Make a Personal Budget As a Student

Managing your finance as a student is a very important attribute. A budget really helps you to understand the best way to manage money without reducing the standard of your lifestyle.   Establish your source of income The first step to creating your personal budget is to establish your source of income. You need to […]

Kennedy Ekezie Joseph #MCM

It takes a great mind to take on a social problem at a young age, but our man crush this week was moved to start a campaign against female oppression –and it was a success! Meet Kennedy Ekezie Joseph, activist, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Africave –a tech company with focus on software engineering. In […]

Leverage On The Feedback Of Customers To Improve

At the core of every business, is the quality of customer relationship and how it affects development as a brand. A very beneficial way to improve your business is by banking on the feedback from customers. An excellent way to get feedback is through product testing. Gather a sample of your target audience and introduce […]

Job Application Tips -Ensure That Your Cover Letter Complements Your CV

The job search can be tiring but you can help yourself out by taking extra steps during the application process. One key factor is to make sure your cover letter complements your CV. Most job openings and descriptions request for your cover letter as part of the application. A well-written cover letter is great but […]


STUDENT HUB NIGERIA ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH UBA MONI Student Hub Nigeria is glad to officially announce its partnership with United Bank for Africa (UBA Moni) to deliver financial services to the underserved populace through UBA Moni while simultaneously tackling youth unemployment across the country. Student Hub Nigeria is a youth-focused company driven with the desire […]

Lola Omolola #WCW

Journalist and founder of Female IN, Lola Omolola, is our superhero woman crush this week. Most social media users maximize these platforms for personal benefits but our WCW stands out. Lola used Facebook to reach out to women and create a safe space for them –online! Lola Omolola grew up in Nigeria before travelling to […]

100 ways to make money while studying -Errand service

Yes, you read that right! Running errands can be a way for you to make money while studying. You can start an errand service while in school with very little stress. Go on shopping trips, deliver packages, and offer relating services to other students and people who are interested. Advertise your services on the right […]

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

Creativity is like a rollercoaster that takes you all the way up in a thrill, but can bring you down in a slump. For most creative people, that period of the slump can be really challenging, especially if your creativity doubles as your source of income. Having to boost your creativity can take a toll […]