#MCM – Abasiama Idaresit

Our MCM this week, Abasiama Idaresit, is an entrepreneur with an astounding success story. Idaresit was born in Calebar, Nigeria, where he had his primary and secondary education before travelling to the United Kingdom to further his education. He studied Information Systems & Management at the London School of Economics, subsequently completing his MBA at […]

How to sign off/end an email.

Starting a business, applying for jobs, or making simple enquiries, emails have become a part of our daily activities. Like most things, it also has guidelines for the use of grammar, format for composing mail bodies, and of course, how to sign off or end the mail before hitting send! Most often than not, you’ve […]

#WCW – Chinenye “Chiney” Ogwumike

Chinenye “Chiney” Ogwumike is a Nigerian-American professional basketball player for The Los Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She played in three Final Fours with Stanford University and holds the record for most rebounds in the history of Stanford Women’s Basketball and the Pac-12 Conference, as of January, 2014. In 2014, Chiney signed […]


Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries. Tap into by becoming a house agent while studying. House agents are individuals who close the gap between house owners and potential buyers/renters. You can affiliate with real estate companies or build a network of land/homeowners. Then create a brand for yourself through promotions and marketing […]


Our MCM this week is a 27-year old CEO and cofounder who built the world’s first gaming robot. Born in Nigeria, Silas Adekunle moved to the UK when he was 11 years old, and he took his childhood obsession in science and technology with him. As a young child in Nigeria, he spent a lot […]

#WCW – Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu

Our WCW this week is a pacesetter and all-round wonderwoman. Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu is a Nigerian Environmental educator and a social entrepreneur. She is a Lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University (Adeyemi College Campus). She is one of the leading Nigerian Environmental sustainability advocates and she has been recognized as the country’s leading expert on environmental […]


Meet Tayo Oviosu, the founder and CEO of Paga, and our MCM for the week. Born in Nigeria, Tayo left for the United States in 1994 and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Southern California in 1998. He landed his first job with a small startup, which was into the […]

How to ask for reviews from clients

Feedback is the secret ingredient to achieving success as a business. To find out what your clients think about your product/service, use this simple three-step guide. Build rapport The best time to do this is during purchase or delivery of your product/service. Throw a little weight behind the usual, ‘Hope you enjoy XYZ’. Try not […]

Create a marketing strategy #BusinessTips

Marketing is the biggest contribution to your business’ growth. And it all depends on the strategy you apply.  A marketing strategy helps you to direct your ads and campaigns through the right media channels, to the right audience. It is effective in helping you measure the effort you put in, and how it affects your […]

How negative emotions affect your organs.

Emotions influence your feelings and one way or the other, your feelings also affect your behavior. But did you know that your emotions can also affect your internal organs? Find out more below! Anger weakens your liver When you experience emotions like rage, aggravation, frustration, and irritability, it can cause an imbalance to your gallbladder, […]