Things to do Consider When Negotiating During an Interview

One of the trickiest questions that is often asked during an interview is “what are your salary expectations for this role”?The question can put a prospective candidate off guard thus throwing the candidate into a web of confusion. You are stuck in between selling your skills for a low price or calling a high price […]

Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

Employees serve as the most important players in every organisation. It is important to pay attention to any negativity that exists between them as it may hinder productivity and threaten the success of an organisation. Workplace negativity blocks creativity which in turn results in heavy losses for an organization and it also damages workplace relationships […]

Tips on how to write the perfect CV

When it comes to landing your dream job, your CV is vital to achieving this goal. Writing the perfect CV can determine whether you would face rejection from time to time or you land a new job in no time. A CV is a personal document that informs prospective employers about your professional experience, achievements, […]