Steps to Create a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

One of the things most employers take for granted is creating a healthy work environment for their employees. It is important to note that positivity enables productivity in the workplace. If your employees are stressed out, constantly being ridiculed, or not appreciated enough, it could affect their mental health thereby decreasing their productivity. Below are […]

How To Work When You Can’t Seem To Focus

While working, we all reach a point where we have several things distracting us and we lose interest in work at that moment. In most situations, having your routine disrupted can lead to you losing focus. However, your psychological state can also contribute to how you are feeling at that moment. We always need clarity […]

How to Recognise Emotional Intelligence in Applicants During an Interview.

Many employers are coming to realize that prospective employees are not only required to be book-smart but they should reach a certain level of emotional intelligence as they portray the resilience and interpersonal relationship skills an employee possesses. It’s difficult to cooperate without emotional intelligence, and it would certainly be hard to grow, thrive, or […]

5 Management Skills That Will Make You Succeed In a Hybrid Work Arrangement.

The effect of the COVID 19 has caused a lot of changes in the workplace. Considering that most employees now work remotely, there are different guidelines and tips to help remote workers manage their day-to-day activities well. However, people seem to forget hybrid workers as they have to adapt to going to work on some […]


One of the final questions an interviewer asks is “do you have any questions for me?” Many people make the mistake of saying no which makes them look uninterested in the job. Always remember that an interview is not only an avenue for you to prove yourself; you should also take steps to assess the […]

Salary Questions Employers Should Be Prepared to Answer

Many people are now more aware about their salary expectations for a particular role. In order not to be caught off guard, employees now expect transparency about their salary and may renegotiate their contract when they know they deserve more. Here are some salary questions an employer should expect from their employees: Am I being […]

How to Create the Best Job Title and Description

Providing accurate job titles and descriptions is important when you want to hire the best talent for that position. A job title and description have to convey not only what the job is but the reality of the role, necessary skills and experience needed. Here are some tips to help you craft better job titles; Be […]

Tips for Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety

It’s 3 days to your interview; you have prepared and practiced in front of your mirror and the bathroom a lot of timesHowever, there is the sinking feeling you keep getting about how the interview might play out.To anyone reading this, it’s okay to feel anxious before any interview but it’s a bad idea to […]

Understanding the Role of a Human Resource Professional

We have been hearing a lot more about HR since the lockdown and how wicked they are; which brings the question of who they are and what they do? Human resource professionals are an essential part of the workforce of every company and are considered to be human assets to a thriving workforce. They help […]