Common Interview Mistakes People Make

Acing an interview process is not only about knowing the right answers to possible interview questions but also involves how well you present your train of thought, your composure, and many other factors.¬† It is easy to make a mistake while going through an interview without knowing you made one. Here are some common interview […]

Strategies To Increase Employee Retention Rate

Managers and HR are always faced with the difficulty of employee retention.¬†Major issues with employee turnover and staff retention are caused by a variety of variables, including generational differences, the economy, radical changes in workplaces, and more. This blog post aims to provide you with strategies to decrease employee turnover and keep the talent you […]

Cold Messaging 101

What does Cold Messaging entail? Cold messaging refers to the process of sending a message to someone you don’t know or a person who is not expecting to receive a message from you. Since the people you are contacting are people you have never interacted with, it is relatively difficult to get a reply from […]