I know what you are thinking- why would I want to add more work to my already piled up desk?.

The truth is volunteering is an important part of career growth that most people overlook for various reasons ranging from not wanting to be classified as overly ambitious to inability to handle more work load.

Volunteering can have a great impact on your professional reputation.

These are some of the reasons why volunteering is important:

1. It Is an Opportunity to Meet New People

If you work in a large organisation, volunteering is an easy way to meet other staff and build new connections and business relationships

It’s an easy and completely natural way to meet some new connections in your area.

It can help you meet people who might share some of your interests in a completely relaxed environment

2. It Allows You to Develop and Refine New Skills

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to learn new skills without doing any damage to your current job.

It is also an important avenue to polish your teamwork and leadership skills.

Plus, it looks good on your résumé résumé and portrays you as a team player.

3. Upper Management Will Notice You

This is true for large organizations as during evaluation, volunteering is often considered by management especially if you have a proven track record of being a good leader or excellent team player.

This could in turn affect your chances of getting promoted or pay raises and other benefits

Overall, volunteering has a lot of positive impact and is a career booster.

Consider these factors before turning down a volunteering opportunity.

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