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5 Popular Team Communication Tools

The recent change in the workplace system brings a different approach to how team communication works.

Workplace integrity starts with the people in the workplace and the culture that encourages candid feedback and transparency. However, this needs to be facilitated by constant and open communication between all the employees.

An effective medium of communication for everyday work is through the use of team communication tools. 

You’ll want a tool that is easy to navigate, has strong data security features and meets your organisation’s needs.

Below are some effective team communication tools that are being used nowadays;

  1. Slack

This is one of the most popular tool that is being used in most workplaces. It offers an organised system of messaging sorting channels by category, projects and so on. The interface is easy to use and channels may be private, public, or multi-workspace. The plans are affordable and there is a free subscription plan that allows the integration of third party apps.

  1. Microsoft Teams

This communication tool features document sharing, closedchat system and online conference tools. It has user-friendly chat functions, and can easily be integrated with Microsoft tools and suites.

  1. Zoom

This tool allows you to set up high quality video and audio conference calls with your team members. It can be used for screen sharing, webinars and has an inbuilt poll system. It also has a feature which permits the host to create other breakout rooms and permits users to use the message room.

  1. OneDrive

This is a Microsoft toolwhich allows users to easily share, store and collaborate on different files. It can easily be integrated with other Microsoft tools and gives your team access to materials needed for undertaking collaborative projects.

  1. Discord

This is a multivoice channel that allows you to handle different voice channels simultaneously. It can act both as an audio messenger and chat messenger and can allow up to 50 users stream at a time. It is not suited for big organizations and large conference meetings.

The process of choosing the perfect communication tool for your team is not easy but keep in mind what your main goals are and the features inside the tool you will need daily.