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5 Project Management Apps #TheFive

Collaboration is the key to successful teamwork. Being able to handle individual responsibilities and still be accountable as a group, creates a synergy for productivity. Beyond these, however, there are some apps that help with the management of team projects. These apps have been developed to keep track of individual and group goals, all focused on achieving optimum productivity.

Check them out below!

Trello is a software that is available on mobile and computers. You can use it to organize lists from cards about tasks, projects, files, and almost any digital component that is used by your team. You can also attach people to tasks ‘cards’ and place on project boards like you would in a physical space.

Here is a project management tool that actually functions as a Work Operating System (WOS). It helps you manage the workflow for your projects in real-time and create the transparency for collaborative effort with ease!

This software is a tool that helps to create projects and assign roles with smooth communication. Asana is a software that is designed to help with team management and work collaboration.

Ideal for small businesses, Bitrix24 is a social enterprise platform that functions as a virtual work space. It has the tools for effective team management and collaboration. The platform also allows for the upload of files and project documents/contacts.

Wrike is a software that promotes complete accountability with two distinct categories: project management and team collaboration. It allows you track individual tasks and project resources to get the best of the team collaborative effort.

Now, that you know the apps to use, you can choose the best one for your project and team!

Enjoy better productivity!