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The coronavirus pandemic has created ripple adverse effects in social sectors including lockdowns in several states and countries across the world.

As a result, students at different levels of education have had to adapt to online learning methods to continue their studies. While there are other students whose institutions do not have a standard framework for online learning and have begun to take online courses on different platforms.

There is a common problem that students taking online classes face -concentration. Being in the comfort of your home can be the highest form of distraction and seriously impair your concentration during a class or while reading the material for a course.

If you are finding it difficult to pay attention during an online class or course, worry not!

Here are five tips to help you improve concentration during an online class.

1. Create your schedule

The best way to concentrate is to prepare your mind ahead of the class. Set up a schedule and consciously remind yourself about ‘what’s next’. That way, when it is time for the class, you are not caught in the middle of something more entertaining and though you may be dreading it, you are still better prepared to pay attention.

2. Turn off background noise

During the class, or while reading a material, it is very easy to lose your focus because of a minute noise or disturbance. The best way to avoid this and improve your concentration, involves turning off all background noise.

Switch off background music (unless it helps with your assimilation), turn off other gadgets and clear out anything that could be a source of distraction.

3. Take notes

While some people can listen to an hour long course and everything sticks to their memory, note-taking is actually more effective for concentration and assimilation.

4. Drink water

That’s right! Drinking water helps with your concentration. Although it is an healthy choice, it is also extremely helpful when you need to pay attention while studying.

Water keeps you hydrated and that improves your focus!

5. Brain work

This comes as help in understanding what you are being taught right there in the learning process. Just like note-taking, it helps you pay attention and maintain focus while listening to a lecture.

You put your brain to work by trying to break down concepts immediately they come up, and that way become more invested in the process.

Additionally, you can put your desk or laptop in front of a plain wall or background so there are no visual distractions and be sure to lock your door so there is no random barging in during your class time.

Practice social distancing, wash your hands, and stay safe!