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5 Ways to Boost Creativity

Creativity is like a rollercoaster that takes you all the way up in a thrill, but can bring you down in a slump. For most creative people, that period of the slump can be really challenging, especially if your creativity doubles as your source of income.

Having to boost your creativity can take a toll on you but, these five tips can help you!

  •  Try something new

When you can’t seem to get out your ideas, take a break and try something new. It can be a new exercise routine, a new drink, a new meal, or a new set of clothes. Whatever it is that is within your reach and resources, just get out of your daily routine and do something new for a change. It helps to clear your mind and give you a fresh look.

  • Read a book

Getting lost in the words of someone else, can help you get a refreshing outlook. Reading a book helps you relax first and foremost. It can give you a new set of ideas for your project or passion.

  • Draw/write down ideas

Thinking about the work you have to do can help you sort out your twists. Doodling can help you relax and get new ideas out in the open. Writing is also another option for expanding your creative thought process and getting that boost!

  • Relax & Meditate

Relaxation is truly underrated. Clearing out your mental space and focusing on nothing at all can actually help you get your creative energy back!

  • Spend some time outside

Take a break, go for a short walk, or just move away from your workspace to get a breather. This will definitely improve your mood and give you a boost!

With these steps, you will be sure to experience the thrill of a creative boost!