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5 ways to speed up your hiring process

The labour market is getting more competitive everyday especially for companies searching for new intakes. There are more job openings with no easy access to qualified candidates to consider. Most of these qualified candidates have multiple jobs offers including yours, so you have up your recruiting game. There are several ways to speed up your hiring process and still get a qualified candidate for the job position.

1. Improve on Your Job Descriptions

First, you have to change how you describe the open job offer. A job description’s sole purpose isn’t just to talk about the job opening but to draw the attention of the right candidates and also portray the expectations of the company.

To create a good job description all you need is to:

– State the important skills required for the job

– What exactly would the candidate be doing? Is it a remote job or a physical presence is required?

– How much experience would be needed?

– Expected salary

Be precise; let the job description do the screening for you!

2. Take Out Unnecessary Steps in Your Hiring Process

Too much steps in your recruitment process chases away potential candidates. According to a talent board research, 17 percent of applicants have reportedly had a negative experience with a company’s recruiting process and ended up withdrawing their application due to the long process.

You might want to consider the following:

– What would be the result of each step?

– What would you change in the job description to eliminate some steps?

– Where do candidates usually quit? How can you change that?

3. Make the Interview Worthwhile

At the end of your selecting your candidates, go ahead and interview them individually using practical interview questions. Do not choose candidates based on sentiments, religion or hunches. Evaluate fairly and based on the qualification of the candidate.

4. Keep all Form of Communication Open

Always communicate with your candidates. Putting them in silence doesn’t justify that their application was rejected o accepted. Schedule an initial communication so they are informed. Not only will this create a good application experience, it would also keep the applicants all through the process

5. Keep a Talent Pool

This is where the database of top applicants is recorded. You might not end up hiring all but make sure to maintain a positive relationship with your candidates. With your pool of pre-screened and selected candidates, you might need their expertise for another job which saves you the time and stress of conducting another recruitment process.

To improve and speed up your recruitment process, work hand in hand with your recruitment officer to find out what the problem is, work on them or better still make use of a recruitment agency

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