We're Solving Unemployment
One Youth At A Time.

Student Hub Nigeria is a nationwide workforce of young Nigerians
which businesses use to fill their existing job vacancies and fulfil
business needs.


Our purpose is to address some of the socio-economic issues in Africa; mainly youth unemployment and education using technology.
Our main objective is to provide youths with unlimited opportunities to develop skills, gain experience, earn a living and contribute to the development of Africa.


There is an unemployment rate of over 20% in Nigeria, of which youths account for a significant percentage of this. There are a series of underlying issues which directly contribute to unemployment challenges, which are;

Education And University System

The system is highly flawed, there are inadequate information for prospective students to research in other to make well informed decisions about their educational choices, inadequate learning resources and facilities for students to successfully learn.

Human Capital Development

The educational system is not tailored to the current developmental needs of the country. An average Nigerian fresh graduate is not prepared for the job market, there is a very large skills gap which is as a result of the outdated educational systems which are based on impractical theoretical teaching practices.


We provide strategic technology driven solutions targeted at addressing the underlying issues of Unemployment and Human Capital Development through the following applications

Job Creation

Creation and provision of job opportunities through partnerships with start-ups, government and private organisations.


Training, mentoring, and preparation of jobseekers for the job market, empowering them with the right skills to compete and succeed.

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