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SHNG - Affiliate Marketing

Earn as an affiliate partner, refer potential customers for any of our services and get paid

OYSHIA - Affiliate Marketing

Get paid for referring friends, family and potential customers to sign up for an health insurance plan

eUniverse - Affiliate Marketing

Register agents as mobile money agents on the eUniverse mobile APP

woozeee - Affiliate Marketing

Get users to download and register on the woozeee mobile application

NextGen - Account Opening Campaign

Open NextGen Accounts for students and NYSC member around you 

NextGen - Campus Campaign

Open NextGen Accounts for students on campus. *Note: Taskers must be Students currently on campus

NextGen - NYSC Campaign

Open NextGen Accounts for NYSC members in your local government *Note: Taskers must be current NYSC members

Affiliate marketing is an alternative marketing strategy where you (affiliate marketer) drive engagement to promote the sales of a product/engagement with a service. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a third-party sales method, which bears close similarity to ‘referrals’. The distinguishing factor between an affiliate marketing and referrals, is the fact that an affiliate marketer does it for financial purposes only. Where referrals are largely based on trust and confidence, between the referrer and the customer, affiliate marketing is just like any other sales between a seller and buyer; except, in this case, the seller and the buyer are brought in contact by an ‘affiliate’.

The process of affiliate marketing takes place between four parties: the retailer (seller), the network that connect the retailer and affiliate (a platform like StudentHub), the affiliate (third party seller) and the customer (buyer).

This chain determines the process of sales and purchase. As an affiliate marketer, you and the brand come to a mutual agreement about the conditions for sales through our platform and can advertise products on this platform (and other verified platforms that allow them track direct sales) to earn their income. Sales and profit of the products and services are important for an affiliate marketer because their earnings are highly dependent on these sales.

In order to earn as an affiliate, you must be able to reel in the required sales, per agreement with the retailer. This agreement for payment can either be based on each completed sales/ engagement, or it could be based on total sales within a particular time/ range. In either case (Pay-per-sale or revenue sharing), an affiliate’s earnings is mostly tied to the amount of completed sales they are responsible for facilitating. These sales are tracked using tools which are based on link engagements from the affiliate’s marketing and advertising efforts to promote sales for the retailer. 

Affiliate marketing is conducted without bias, hence there is every need for proper tools for promoting and tracking engagements. These tools help the affiliate to push out the product(s) appropriately, while helping them keep track of successful engagements with the product(s). Some of the most popular tools used in affiliate marketing include Bitly, Linktrack and Clickmeter, among others. These tools help the affiliate marketer publish the link to the product on a website, on a secured web page, and keep track of all engagements through these tools. With Bitly, for instance, the affiliate can post several links on a single page, and keep track of each, individually. Mastering these tools is central to becoming efficient and effective at affiliate marketing



Affiliate marketing is conducted without bias, hence there is every need for proper tools for promoting and tracking engagements. We’ll help you set up the required tools to ensure you’re well equipped

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