Agent Network Partners

Agent Network

Manage clusters of field agents providing multi-product and services in your area


We partner with organized, efficient, and communicative Agent Network Partners to manage and coordinate operations and agent activities in assigned locations. As a partner, you will act as a coordinator to streamline operations, resolve issues, improve communications, and generally ensure that agents are as efficient as possible
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of Student Hub projects, as well as a core understanding of agent duties and responsibilities
  • Actively enrol “Mobile & Fixed Agents” in your assigned LGA
  • Monitor, coordinate, and communicate the strategic objectives of assigned projects to agents
  • Collect, analyse, and utilize data and feedback from agents to provide weekly reports
  • Monitor and visit agents regularly
  • Provide support and training to new agents
  • Coordinate delivery of field materials as needed to agents
  • Develop and foster relationships with agents
  • Proactively solve conflicts and address issues that could occur within assigned LGA
  • Promptly respond to incidents and other events as necessary
  • Agent recruitment and training
  • Access to our pool of trained agents
  • Scheduled trainings
  • Regular jobs, projects and assignments
  • Access to business clients and partners
  • Official brand affiliation
  • Promotional and field materials
  • Technical support
  • Project management
  • Ample marketing support
  • Timely revenue payouts
  • Logistics and operational costs

Agent Network Partners serve as independent contractors of Studenthubng. As a network partner, you are to ensure that you have a pool of readily available and trained agents in your cluster to fulfil work orders and requests that we provide from our customers and clients



The most important factor in agent management is communication, as a partner you must be able to clearly and promptly communicate with your agents using the proper channels and tools for management and tracking activities. We’ll help you set up the required tools to ensure you’re well equipped


For easy communication with agents and Studenthub

MS Office

For data, lists and report preparation and delivery


For corporate communications


For service delivery, communication and management

What We Do

Our mobile field agent network is a job creation initiative to address the level of youth unemployment in Nigeria while helping private and government organisations reach and engage the populace

Agent Banking

We help financial institutions bring financial services closer to the underserved populace serving as agent network managers/aggregators to on-board fixed and mobile agents

Product Marketing

We help brands interact directly with customers, acquire new customers and create experiences with customers through field marketing, product demonstrations and activations

Affiliate Marketing

We help brands sell their products and reach customers using our affiliate network fuelled by thousands of real everyday users spreading brand/product messaging to generate sales

Data Collection

We help businesses and government organisations conduct registrations, enrolment, biometric data capture, meet KYC regulations and census

Product Distribution

We help our clients get their products to customers by providing a distribution network/channel across the country. We provide product distribution services

Market Research

We help our clients grow by acquiring real and accurate data which provides consumer insights from real people through field & online surveys, site visits, mystery shopping and more

Who Can be an agent network partner?

Partners can be any of the following:


Business Professionals


Small Business Owners





Revenue sharing model: Up to 40% of project revenue in your assigned location

How it works



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