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Benefits of workplace mentorship.

In recent years, according to Balance careers employee satisfaction at work has decreased significantly. This shows that more work needs to be done in finding the right ways to develop and engage in processes that would have a positive effect on your employees.

One of the ways to ensure maximum satisfaction of your employees is to engage them in programs such as workplace mentorship programs.

A workplace mentorship program is a system whereby old employees guide their new employees and help them with tools to become better employees at the workplace.

How does it work?

For a mentorship program to work, you need to pick experienced employees and assign them as a buddy to new employees.

The experienced employees should outline how they intend to train the person assigned to them and the expected result.

It is also important that the mentors should go through a training session to sharpen their skills and prepare them for unforeseen circumstances.

Also, have a review system in place to identify mistakes and look for ways to do better.

Benefits of a workplace mentorship program

  1. Increases employee satisfaction

Both new and old employees would feel involved when they get to teach new employees and the new employees have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and enhance their existing skills.

  1. Boost confidence in old employees 

Being a mentor can improve the confidence and communication skills of experienced employees, as it would encourage them to face a new challenge that might be outside of their comfort zone. It would serve as a chance to prepare them for future senior positions.

  1. Retain new employees

If your new hires are satisfied with their work, there is no doubt that they would feel comfortable in that role. While it’s good that they are comfortable in that role, it is also important to post them to aim for higher roles by providing training programs and workshops to prepare and challenge them.

Creating a mentorship program at your company comes with many perks and it’s advisable for companies with many departments as it would help boost your old and new employees’ work experience.