Writing can be challenging but with practice you can be great. Having to write about things you don’t know about, or have little experience with, can be scary. The key is to know how to research and relate your research in writing. While trying to improve, here are some tools you can use to ace your writing.  


This tool helps you to do some serious brainstorming and come up with the best ideas you may have. Instead of writing in a piece of paper you could put up your ideas on Ideaflip. It gives you a visual, interactive environment that allows you to write down, manage, and develop your ideas.


From the name you should already have an idea of what it does. It helps you generate topics so that your blog post or article topic can be the right one for maximum engagement. Also, when you are stuck on a name for something you’ve written, you can use it for a quick solve.


This is a software tool that helps you to check and correct your grammar. It’s not restricted for when you are writing content for publication. You can use Grammarly if you have a letter to send out to someone or a mail. It simply helps to put your use of English in check.


This is a more advanced version of Grammarly. It highlights your grammars and suggests eliminating excessive usage of adverbs while turning passive voice construction to active voices.

These tools have been designed to help you create the best content that you can –use them!

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