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As a social media manager you need to be conversant with some tools that can make you efficient with better results in your work. In choosing a good social media tool you need to be sure that these tools are the best fit for the tasks. Be sure that whatever tool you choose to use will ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Below are some of the best tools for social media marketing:


This is a software centered on social media that helps you manage your inbox. It is more like an email account, where you are able to tag and segment your messages. It shows you messages considered as important and require immediate attention. You can easily schedule and update your post even when offline. It also has suggestions of posts that you can engage in to increase visibility. It helps you track your followers across all social networks, and gives you updates on who engages on your post. It is perfect for maintaining digital engagement and tracking insights.


This is a tool that is strictly used for managing Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. It helps you get familiar with the appropriate content for certain hashtags, topics or social media accounts. It provides you with the best-fit content, blogs to engage in, keywords and other key things to boost engagement.  


You can connect your account to over 35 different social networks so it is best for a multi-account social media manager. When it comes to scheduling updates, you can use the AutoSchedule feature that publishes your post at the best time for increased impact. It has exciting features that make it easy to manage those you follow and interact with, hassle-free.


This is a social media management tool designed to help you post easily to all social networks. It works for both individuals as well as teams that want to collaborate so it is perfect for a digital management team. You can use Buffer to publish and schedule content, curate your favourite websites and blogs to easily share new content with your followers, see quick analytics for each of your posts, and you can also get more detailed analysis with the Business plan.

The right tools can make your job as a social media manager a lot more efficient and result-generating. Get with the proper vibe and improve the quality of your work today!