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Call for Concept Note: Women’s Voice and Leadership Nigeria Project Strategic Innovation N1,000,000 Fund

About the Project:

The WVL project is a five-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project is aimed at tackling the barriers to gender equality and supporting the empowerment of women and girls through provision of technical and financial resources to local feminist/women’s rights organisation (LWROs[1])  that are advancing the rights of women and girls and championing gender equality.

The Call

The WVL Nigeria Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) is a small grant designed to support innovative ideas and initiatives addressing gender issues with focus on women and girls from feminists, women and girls’ rights activists, feminist organizations, women’s rights organizations or movements in Nigeria. The funding opportunity targets innovative ideas which can serve as a catalyst for new ways of doing things within the women’s rights movement in Nigeria. This call specifically targets innovative actions that address violence against women and girls, women economic justice and empowerment, women political participation and leadership including policy advocacy and influencing. It will also support other innovative actions that align with WVL Nigeria project goal which targets the achievement of gender equality and the enjoyment of rights by women and girls.

Award Ceiling

Up to 5 innovative ideas will be granted in this round with a grant ceiling of NGN1,000,000 each to be implemented within 6months to 1-year period.

Submission deadline:

If you are interested, kindly submit your innovation idea using the attached Concept Note template on or before 30th April 2020 to WVLNigeriaGrants@actionaid.org. Do not use any other document except for the ExcelSheet for the budget. Note that the template is expandable but ensure you stay within 5-7 pages.

Please Note:

  1. Only women led women’s rights organisations and feminists will be considered for this application.
  2. Only 1 application per organization/individual will be considered.
  3. Only shortlisted organisations and/or feminists will be notified, due to volume of applications that may be received.
  4. The initial shortlist may not amount to being signed onto this project. 
  5. ActionAid will not be responsible for any cost you may incur during the development of the Concept Note.
  6. AAN guidance on SHEA, Anticorruption, Terrorism and Conflict will apply in this process.

LWROs means women led and focused organisations including those working on advancing girls’ rights in Nigeria

Concept Note Template

Name of Organisation:      
Contact Details: (Address, E-mail/s, Phone Number/s)  
Registration Status: (Registration Body and Registration Number)    
A. ORGANISATIONAL DESCRIPTION A brief description of your organisation including its Vision, Mission and Objectives max of 1 page)                    
Vision/Mission/Goal (VMG)What women’s rights issue(s) does your organization work on? (Thematic areas)Geographic coverageOrganization’s governance and management structure  

B. In the case of individual, Personal Profile    
2. Proposed Intervention
a. What is the problem do you intend to address?
Describe the gender issue/inequality/gap or opportunity that motivates you to innovate. What are the available evidences of the problem – include statistics and references. Who is affected by the problem. E.g., is the problem affecting specific groups of women or girls?What are Women’s Rights organisations or Civil Society Partners currently doing to solve the problem (What has worked/not worked in the past)

b. What innovative solution are you proposing?
Describe in details your innovative solutionExplain clearly if the solution is completely new or an adaptation of something that has been tried beforeIf new, outline how the idea was developed or from where it was borrowed. If an adaptation, discuss what had already been done and how this informed any changes  
c. Why do you think this solution will work and is the best option to solve the problem you described?
How is the solution more effective in contributing to the advancement of women’s rights?Is it more efficient than existing solutions (cheaper, faster, or more inclusive of women and girls’ voices)?Are women and girls involved in the design of this solution?Will women and girls be involved in piloting, learning, and adopting this solution?

d. How will you implement your innovation? Describe proposed project Goal, Objectives, Activities, and expected outcomesHow will you track progress of your solution to make necessary adjustments?How will you document lessons learned in case your solution is not successful?

e. Budget How much do you request from ActionAid Nigeria to implement this innovative solution?

Please provide a breakdown of your budget using an excel sheet and submit as an attachment with this application form