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Our main objective is to provide youths with unlimited opportunities to develop skills, gain experience, earn a living and contribute to the development of Africa.

Whether you’re a student or a graduate, we’ll help you gain skills, experience and employment you need to achieve your career ambitions. We offer employability skills training and mentoring opportunities alongside access to internships, work experience and placements. There are many opportunities to explore.

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We connect skilled graduates with paid employment opportunities ​

We actively source for employers through partnerships with SMEs, Startups and Corporate organisations to place graduate members into paid employment opportunities. 

Our graduate accelerator program also features placements built into the programmes. 

Graduate Accelerator

Get hands on training and experience to prepare you for your preferred career choice

This an initiative to prepare graduates for employment by enabling them with the skillset, knowledge and information to become top quality value for employers. The program is also designed to improve their career standing and increase earning ability


Work Experience

We source and provide the right work experience and placement opportunities.

Our student and graduate members can sign up and search through our regularly updated work experience vacancies placed by employers. 

There are a wide range of opportunities, industries and organisations represented with our regular vacancy updates. Remember to sign up for our mailing list to get regular newsletters on available opportunities.


Internships are the best ways to learn while practicing and applying your knowledge. Paid or not, the experience is usually worth it!

We provide details on employers offering internship opportunities.

An internship is a form of employment offered to undergraduates and new graduates. It is a contract-based employment that is usually aimed at helping the individual gain professional experience in their field. It is focused on impacting practical skills in the intern while the employer has the benefit of labour.

Our purpose is to address some of the socio-economic issues in Africa; mainly youth unemployment and education using technology and traditional tools.

Student Hub Nigeria

One-Stop Shop For Student Services

Mentoring & Networking

We organise mentorship and networking programs, career workshops, where students get the chance to network with professionals and leading experts in the industry as well as employers.

Student Hub offers a career guidance mentoring and networking program.  The Mentorship Program is for students and young creatives interested in partnering with a local business leader, acclaimed professionals and experienced individuals to gain advice, encouragement, and insights into their career aspirations, polish skills such as CV writing, interview technique, self-marketing, job searching strategies and to help them grow in their desired fields.



Contrary to popular opinion, volunteering does not pertain to religious and academic activities only. It is an extracurricular activity that you can be involved while studying in a tertiary institution –or awaiting admission.

There are severable available options for volunteering that range from corporate events to non-formal. While most are unpaid jobs, some actually offer payment for your services which may be in cash or products/gift bags.

Basically, Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to set up networks and interpersonal relationships (connections) that will prove beneficial in your career.

Check out some available volunteer positions and apply for the most suitable to your personality or career choice.


We help NYSC members find primary assignments for the duration of their service

We regularly publish opportunities for NYSC members looking for a PPA. Opportunities are across a range of industries and organisations in Nigeria. 

In pursuit of our mission, we also accept NYSC members to serve at our Lagos office fo the duration of the service with the opportunity for retainment.


More On Careers

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Choosing a career comes easy to some people as it is what they have been inching towards, their entire lifetime while other have a tough time, read more on how to chooses a fulfilling career


As an apprentice, you are trained in the business of your boss for a stipulated amount of time, during which he/she drills you in the skillset that is required for that trade.


Pre- and post- tertiary education is a paramount step that should be taken to secure a successful future, especially in a world that values qualifications highly.

Understanding Employment Contracts

For lack of proper understanding, most new employees find themselves floundering. Leaving them without a defense when they attempt to protest against their working conditions.

What Are Employers Looking For?

The job search is widely known to be an unpleasant experience. Closely rivaled by this, is the worse experience of not meeting up to the standards of the potential employer.

Your First Salary

Getting your first salary is a memorable experience that most people never forget. The memories associated to that first paycheck could be positive or negative –depending on how and when the money was spent.

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