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About our graduate accelerator program

This an initiative to prepare graduates for employability by enabling them with the skillset, knowledge and information to become top quality value for employers. The program is also designed to improve their career standing and increase earning ability.

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With over 50+ professional courses available, cutting across a wide range of fields for specialization, this program has been designed to accelerate the transition from graduate to employee. The gross unemployment rates in Nigeria should not be an obstruction towards achieving success, which is why this program focuses on helping graduates to become certified professionals. As a professional, with a certificate to prove, you become a valuable asset to any company or organization which you apply to; the certification provides the edge which makes you stand out as not only academically-proficient, but practically proven to have the required knowledge and skillset to do your job efficiently and effectively. This graduate accelerator program has been structured to provide the best international standard on different specialization fields and enable all applicants to become top tier quality with optimum employability. While the program provides all that is needed for successful integration, it is your determination and consistency that secures a position.
  • Training

    Get hands on training and experience to prepare you for your preferred career choice
  • Certificate

    Get a professional certificate on successful completion for your employer
  • Placement

    Get placements in available job opportunities on completion or get added to our shortlist for next available jobs.
  • 90%

    Proficiency Improvement

  • 99%

    Skills Enhancement

  • 90%


Remember how you went on Industrial Training while completing your undergraduate course? That was to help you understand what you were learning in class. A professional certificate is proof that you understand on a more advanced level.

This accelerator program provides all the courses you need to attain standards for being a professional in your area of specialization, with the option for beginner courses in areas you do not have substantial background knowledge about.

Essentially, the graduate accelerator program helps you to become ready for a new career, change in specialization or simply increase your earning power. You get to apply your knowledge and skills to practical tests and projects which showcase your employability to potential employees.

Upon completion of the modules under your desired accelerator program course, you may have access to a certification test, or be given a professional certificate (all on professional standards). With the professional certification, you are verified for employment.

Varies by course

There are beginner level courses which do not require previous degree or experience for learning.

February 2020

Full Time

Part Time


Upfront Payment





3 Months

6 Months

6 Weeks







3 Months

6 Months




Apply for a 50 per cent discount on your tuition fees! You can get a 50 per cent discount on course fees through a Student Hub Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to full-time and part-time students of taught courses. *Exclusions apply. Terms and conditions apply.

Hub Graduate Scholarship

Award Summary
You could receive a 50% discount on course fees through the Hub Scholarship Program. The scholarship is open to full-time, part-time
students of taught courses. *Exclusions apply.

Award Eligibility
You must have applied for a graduate training course, starting in March 2020 or April 2020 and had your fee assessed.

How do I apply?
Application for March 2020 intake are now closed. Applicants will receive an outcome by 20th April 2020. 

Applications for May 2020 intake will open at the end of March 2020.

Further Information
For further information and advice on this award please contact the Hub at or on +234 809 666 3285 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

How to pay your fees

How to pay your fees:

There are a number of ways you can pay your fees to Student Hub Nigeria

•    Online payment facilities
•    In person at office
•    Bank transfer

Bank details:

Account Number: 0025008734

Bank Name: Stanbic IBTC

Account Name: Student Hub Nigeria

If you wish to discuss payments to the Hub, please contact our Income Team on 0817 000 3285 or you can email

Ideas to fund your course

Below are some ideas on how to fund your course:

  • Apply for a deferred Employment loan (Pay when you get a paid employment position)
  • Take advantage of Hub Scholarship
  • Ask your employer to sponsor your study
  • Study part-time so you can work at the same time (applicable to courses that have a part-time mode)

If you wish to discuss payments to the Hub, please contact our Income Team on 0817 000 3285 or you can email

Knowledge is developed through

• Guided reading

• Practice-based activities with feedback

• Seminar / Online discussions and activities

Thinking skills are developed through

• Reflective activities with feedback

• Seminar / Online discussions and activities Practical skills are developed through

• Field practice activities with feedback

• Research skills-based activities with feedback

Skills for work (general skills) are developed through

• Planning activities with feedback

• Project /performance work

• Practice

Register for a course

Are you ready to be accelerated? Join our graduate accelerator program today. Apply for courses in your area of interest.


  • Flexible Completion Schedule

    You can learn at your own pace by completing modules and tests according to your schedule.
  • Online & Offline Courses

    You can take online classes anywhere, as long as there is internet access. Some courses may require physical meeting for lectures.
  • Skills Application & Graded Tests

    Use skills through hands-on learning approach. Keep track of your progress through quizzes and assignments.


Business Development

Social Media Management

Customer Service


Content Writing


Human Resources

Graphic Design

Sales & Marketing



Web Design


Can I enrol for a single module?

Yes. While it is advisable to register a course pack as it is, you can choose to complete just one section of the course and take the final certification assessment.

Is this program 100% online? Do I need to attend any classes in person?

Some classes are held online, while others are held in person. So, no it is not 100% online, you may have to attend some classes in person. Nonetheless, with internet connection, you can access course materials, tests and lectures for online classes anywhere and anytime.

How long does it take to complete the Professional Certificate?

Each course varies and may take between 1 to 6 weeks to complete and earn your certificate.

What background knowledge is necessary?

The Graduate Accelerator Program is open to anyone with any academic background. Although prior experience in your interested field may be an asset, it is not mandatory.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Yes, it is highly recommended to complete a course in the module order, as listed, because the learning process is progressive.

What will I be able to do upon acquiring the Professional Certificate?

You will become 100% employable with practical skills for hands-on projects.

I have already completed part(s) of a course. Can I still enroll for a Professional Certificate?

Yes, you can. Any modules that you have already completed as part of a Specialization course will be marked as “Complete". So you do not have to take them again and will be able to earn the Professional Certificate faster.

What are my job opportunities on completion of a Professional Certificate?

By joining the Graduate Accelerator program, you will get job opportunities from top companies and organizations, as soon as they are posted. Also, there will be consistent recommendations to apply for openings which are matched directly to your skills and interests, alongside tips to help you become unique. We’ll also shortlist you for interviews for jobs by our clients.

How can I access job opportunities after completing this Certificate?

On completion, you will be added to our Tier 1 skills graduate list, we will automatically shortlist you for jobs that meet your criteria and skills. You’d also have a direct contact and relationship with our recruitment team.