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Who we are

Student Hub Nigeria is a network that serves as a one-stop shop for student and graduate services.

Our mission is to address some of the socio-economic issues affecting youths in Nigeria; mainly unemployment and education using technology and traditional tools. We provide opportunities to students and graduates in Nigeria with the main aim of fostering and promoting growth and continuous development among youths.

What we do


Creative Services

Mobile Field Agency


Identify, refer or sign up new customers for any or all of our services.

As a direct sales agent for Student Hub Nigeria, your duties ranges from but not limited to sales, marketing, brand awareness, pitching, presentation, etc. This role requires experience, confidence, great salesmanship, proper brand knowledge, marketing skills, self-motivation and smarts.

Identify Customers

Identify potential customers through lead creation and generation

Refer Customers

Refer customers to use any of our services

Sign Up Clients

Canvass and approach potential customers to present company services.


A direct sales agent can work remotely or out of our co-working office space, would be trained and provided with adequate support when needed.


Contact potential customers through telephone calls and messages to deliver sales pitch

Field Marketing

Directly approach potential customers to deliver sales pitch and presentations

Online Marketing

Contact potential customers online through social media and email marketing to present company services.

How to get started

  • Sign Up

    Sign up and Complete your profile. Our team will verify your details and add you to our agent portal
  • Take a Short Online/Offline Training

    We don't just send you out without empowering you, we make sure you are ready for the field.
  • Start Working

    You're all set! We'll set you up with proposals and branded materials, find clients and get paid.


How much do i get paid?

Working as a Direct Sales Agent for StudentHubNg comes with its benefits which include:
– Cash benefit of Ten Thousand Naira (#10,000) for every first time client that you successfully sign onto our platform.
– A 10% commission on all subsequent services provided to your client.
– Access to our (Student Hub Ng) services and studio spaces at a reduced rate or free.

Where will i work?

A direct sales agent can work remotely or out of our co-working office space

Am I an employee of Student Hub Nigeria?

Yes. You will be an independent employee.

Can I work full time?

Yes, you can decide to work full time as a direct sales agent. The starting salary is N30 – 50,000 per month + commission & bonuses

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Identify, refer and sign up new customers for any or all of our services and get paid!

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