Employee Verification

You can now use our Resume Verification services to verify and certify personal, employment and educational history and details.

What we do:

Address checks: To verify the residence of the candidate.
Employment checks: To check up past employment records.
Education checks: To check whether the candidate really is as qualified as they say they are.
Reference Checks: To verify the references provided by candidates
Guarantor Checks: To verify the guarantor information provided
Criminal Checks: To check whether the candidate has any criminal history

How it works:

1. Fill in the form below
2. Upload CV or Credentials for verification
3. Make payment
4. Receive reports

You can also check and browse through our list of verified candidates here to ease your recruitment process.

Why use our Resume Verification Service?
Our verification service is as a result of our mission to create job opportunities to millions of Nigerian youths on our platform. We have recruited a pool of mobile verification agents across institutions and states in Nigeria to carry out the verification and validation processes.

By using our service, you are providing an opportunity for job seekers across the country.