Student Hub Facilitators

About our graduate accelerator program

This an initiative to prepare graduates for employability by enabling them with the skillset, knowledge and information to become top quality value for employers. The program is also designed to improve their career standing and increase earning ability.

Make an impact

  • Earn Money

    Earn money teaching and facilitating graduate accelerator courses
  • Impact Knowledge

    Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their options by sharing your knowledge
  • Join a community

    Gain access to a large community of other instructors and graduate students.


  • 15000+

    Students nationwide

  • 30+


  • 150+


What are your responsibilities as an instructor?

As an instructor, you are in charge of creating the course plan and schedule for each class you undertake. It is expected that all material provided are original content and up to par with the standards for professionalism.

    Prepare your class materials and modules with high level of professionalism to provide graduates with the information they need to become professionals, themselves. Create all course content, tests, quizzes, projects and assignments, and be sure to make them progressive and engaging.

    If you will be facilitating an offline course, confirm the class schedules and upload alongside profiles of the course. If you will be instructing an online course, record your lectures beforehand and edit into different progressive modules for ease of reference. You may visit the Student Hub NG studio space for professional recording and video editing.

    Upload classes, keep track of graduates’ acceleration progress and become a premium instructor.


  • Remote Opportunities

    You can teach an online class and work remotely.
  • Large Community

    Gain access to a large community of other instructors and graduate students.
  • Teaching Aids

    Get help in developing and uploading your course materials.


Business Development

Social Media Management

Customer Service


Content Writing


Human Resources

Graphic Design

Sales & Marketing



Web Design

Facilitator Requirements and Information

Applications are open to acclaimed professionals and experienced individuals interested in partnering with us to facilitate a program and mentors to advice, encourage, and provide insights into participant’s career aspirations in order to help them grow in their desired fields.


  • Submit online application with the link below
  • Minimum of 4 years experience in respective field
  • Availability for course duration
  • Ability to develop course syllabus and training materials
  • Applications run all through the year


We will use this information to match prospective mentees with mentors.

Student Hub mentees are introduced to their mentors virtually or in person. Mentees and mentors can meet to discuss questions either may have and to agree on a meeting approach that fits both of their schedules.  Meetings may be held in person or online throughout the mentorship duration and be scheduled as frequently as once a month or just once in a while.