CV Assistant

The CV writing assistant for young professionals.

The CV writing assistant for young professionals.

How can CV Assistant work for your you?

Make a difference with your online resume, sell your skills effectively with a high quality and professional CV.

Why should your CV stand out?

Think about how many CVs and applications recruiters/hr managers have to go through. A lot of applicants do not get interview invites or acknowledged not because they aren’t as qualified but because their resumes are badly written and presented. Improve your chances of getting a call by presenting yourself as a professional, take your time to sell your skills in a one page document.

Your CV should generally include the following:

Personal Information

Professional Bio/Executive Summary

Employment History

Educational History

Professional Memberships

Interests & Skills


You should keep the brief short and straightforward, look for your best foot and put it forward.

There are so many free CV building and template services, all you need is a quick google search to find a template you’ll like.

Use the template attached below or register on to make your CV stylish and presentable with existing templates.

Alternatively, we can help you create or rewrite your CV. Simply fill in the form below and pay the CV assistant fee. One of our representatives will call you to get started.

Delivery: 2 – 5 Days