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Join us now to develop personal and professional relationships with others on our network who can help you learn and grow. Whether you are a mentor, mentee or both, you will find mentoring as a rewarding part of your career progress and fulfilment

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Mentorship Program: Information and Application

Student Hub offers a career guidance mentoring program.  The Mentorship Program is for students and young creatives interested in partnering with a local business leader, acclaimed professionals and experienced individuals to gain advice, encouragement, and insights into their career aspirations and to help them grow in their desired fields.

Application process:

  • Submit online application with the link
  • You have to be a registered member
  • Applications run all through the year

We will use this information to match prospective mentees with mentors.

Student Hub mentees are introduced to their mentors through virtually. Mentees and mentors can meet to discuss questions either may have and to agree on a meeting approach that fits both of their schedules.  Meetings may be held in person or online throughout the mentorship duration and be scheduled as frequently as once a month or just once in a while.