Cold Messaging 101

What does Cold Messaging entail? Cold messaging refers to the process of sending a message to someone you don’t know or a person who is not expecting to receive a message from you. Since the people you are contacting are people you have never interacted with, it is relatively difficult to get a reply from […]

Best And Worst Types Of Fonts To Use When Creating A Resume.

Your resume speaks volumes about you when applying for a job. It is used to create first impressions that can either make or break your job search. It is said that the average time a recruiter uses to scan a resume is six seconds.It is therefore important to make your resume readable and eye catching […]

Best Websites to Find Remote Jobs.

If you are looking to stay home while working to avoid Lagos traffic shenanigans or traffic where you live, the best thing is to look for a remote job that suits you. COVID 19 has opened our eyes to remote working where you have access to several benefits including the time to create a flexible […]

Steps to Boost Your Job Search

The process of searching and applying for a job can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a lot of strength to prepare one’s resume and cover letter when there’s the lurking fear that you might not get the job after all your efforts. However, feeling overwhelmed won’t help your job sense but rather impede your […]

5 Management Skills That Will Make You Succeed In a Hybrid Work Arrangement.

The effect of the COVID 19 has caused a lot of changes in the workplace. Considering that most employees now work remotely, there are different guidelines and tips to help remote workers manage their day-to-day activities well. However, people seem to forget hybrid workers as they have to adapt to going to work on some […]

Salary Questions Employers Should Be Prepared to Answer

Many people are now more aware about their salary expectations for a particular role. In order not to be caught off guard, employees now expect transparency about their salary and may renegotiate their contract when they know they deserve more. Here are some salary questions an employer should expect from their employees: Am I being […]

Understanding the Role of a Human Resource Professional

We have been hearing a lot more about HR since the lockdown and how wicked they are; which brings the question of who they are and what they do? Human resource professionals are an essential part of the workforce of every company and are considered to be human assets to a thriving workforce. They help […]

Why Recruiters Should Follow Up After An Interview

Many interviewers seem to forget that following up with every candidate who applies for a position in your company whether you decide to hire them or not is an important part of the job recruitment process. According to a candidate experience survey carried out by Talent Board, 53% do not receive feedback after the screening […]

Underperformance in the Workplace; Causes and Dealing with It the Right Way.

Employees can be the boon or bane of a company’s existence depending on how they carry out their activities in the workplace. Workplace underperformance can reduce your company’s overall success and it is pertinent that leaders acknowledge that our employees are struggling and address whatever problem they are facing. Let’s go through the causes of […]

Things to do Consider When Negotiating During an Interview

One of the trickiest questions that is often asked during an interview is “what are your salary expectations for this role”?The question can put a prospective candidate off guard thus throwing the candidate into a web of confusion. You are stuck in between selling your skills for a low price or calling a high price […]