Steps to Create a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

One of the things most employers take for granted is creating a healthy work environment for their employees. It is important to note that positivity enables productivity in the workplace. If your employees are stressed out, constantly being ridiculed, or not appreciated enough, it could affect their mental health thereby decreasing their productivity. Below are […]

How negative emotions affect your organs.

Emotions influence your feelings and one way or the other, your feelings also affect your behavior. But did you know that your emotions can also affect your internal organs? Find out more below! Anger weakens your liver When you experience emotions like rage, aggravation, frustration, and irritability, it can cause an imbalance to your gallbladder, […]

#WCW – Temie Giwa-Tubosun

Our WCW for this week, Temie Giwa-Tubosun, is changing the world and impacting the African healthcare system, one pint at a time. Founder and CEO of LifeBank, Temie is a health-tech innovator who is taking the world by storm. She started LifeBank, a platform that orchestrates fast, secure, and reliable delivery of blood to patients […]