6 ways to make money this festive season

It’s really hard during the festive season to keep a healthy cash flow because definitely the holidays are for taking a break from work, having fun and going on that family vacation or ‘baecation’. But have you thought about ways you can make extra cash for the holidays and that would still sustain you till […]

How to earn as an affiliate marketer

Have you ever thought of a way to make money remotely? Ever heard of affiliate marketing? The idea behind affiliate marketing is that, you promote people’s products (most times through an affiliate network) and for every sales through your marketing, you get a commission. Affiliate marketing is a passive source of income; it is quite […]

How to ask for reviews from clients

Feedback is the secret ingredient to achieving success as a business. To find out what your clients think about your product/service, use this simple three-step guide. Build rapport The best time to do this is during purchase or delivery of your product/service. Throw a little weight behind the usual, ‘Hope you enjoy XYZ’. Try not […]

Create a marketing strategy #BusinessTips

Marketing is the biggest contribution to your business’ growth. And it all depends on the strategy you apply.  A marketing strategy helps you to direct your ads and campaigns through the right media channels, to the right audience. It is effective in helping you measure the effort you put in, and how it affects your […]

Business Tips #2 – Put In Your Best Effort

Success is not a fantasy, especially in business. This is primarily due to the fact that business runs on functions and tractions so you can grow! Now, unlocking the growth of your business is the first and most important step to success. One of the best ways to grow, is by putting in your best […]


The skills required for Graphic design have gone way beyond putting words together and adding a business logo. As a business owner you need to reach out to your audience using graphic designs. You need to pass a message across and prompt people to take desired actions with the right aesthetics in design. What makes […]


In the first part of this post, we established the need for analytics tool. Now, let us explore the function and importance of the social media analytics tools, and see how they differ. The point is to help you decide the best tool for your work as a social media manager or marketer, or even […]