Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries. Tap into by becoming a house agent while studying. House agents are individuals who close the gap between house owners and potential buyers/renters. You can affiliate with real estate companies or build a network of land/homeowners. Then create a brand for yourself through promotions and marketing […]

Senate probes for the removal of age limits for job seekers

On Wednesday, 15th of July 2020, the Nigerian Senate urged the Federal Government to establish a committee that will be saddled with the responsibility of reviewing the age limit for applicants seeking job positions in governmental agencies. The senate resolution followed a Point of Order raised by Sen. Ibrahim Gobir (APC-Sokoto) at plenary, which motion […]

How to Answer Interview Questions #TheFive

The importance of interview performance cannot be overstated. The possibility of employment is heavily influenced by how well you do at the interview stage. The easiest/hardest point is the way you answer these common interview questions. Our commitment is ensuring that young graduates secure employment so, here are the best ways to answer these questions. […]

Job Application Tips -JOB SEARCH RESOURCES

The job hunt is not a fun or glamorous period, but it could be easier with the right resources. While there are tons of online pages dedicated to advertising job openings, you can go a lot further than social media. Here are a few other job search resources you can tap into for your next […]