How To Work When You Can’t Seem To Focus

While working, we all reach a point where we have several things distracting us and we lose interest in work at that moment. In most situations, having your routine disrupted can lead to you losing focus. However, your psychological state can also contribute to how you are feeling at that moment. We always need clarity […]

Tips for Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety

It’s 3 days to your interview; you have prepared and practiced in front of your mirror and the bathroom a lot of timesHowever, there is the sinking feeling you keep getting about how the interview might play out.To anyone reading this, it’s okay to feel anxious before any interview but it’s a bad idea to […]


Our man crush this week is the Founder & CEO of Farmcrowdy, Onyeka Akumah. Innovator and Tech start-up extraordinaire, Onyeka Akumah is a graduate of Applied Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India. Merging his knowledge of IT with digital marketing skills, Onyeka ventured into the entrepreneurial space. His impressive portfolio is decorated with roles […]

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

Creativity is like a rollercoaster that takes you all the way up in a thrill, but can bring you down in a slump. For most creative people, that period of the slump can be really challenging, especially if your creativity doubles as your source of income. Having to boost your creativity can take a toll […]


Our Man Crush this week is an entrepreneur, CEO, and fabrication engineer who is setting the pace for sustainable development in the automobile industry. Jerry Mallo unveiled the ‘Bennie Purrie’, the first locally-manufactured carbon fiber sports car in Nigeria, in 2019. This creative innovation creates an excellent strength-to-weight ratio that sets the Bennie Purrie aside […]

How to Answer Interview Questions #TheFive

The importance of interview performance cannot be overstated. The possibility of employment is heavily influenced by how well you do at the interview stage. The easiest/hardest point is the way you answer these common interview questions. Our commitment is ensuring that young graduates secure employment so, here are the best ways to answer these questions. […]


The world is going digital and almost everything is done with a click. Businesses have embraced internet banking, digital sales, and marketing. Even those who run a small business have started to engage online and have no doubt been able to make sales and reach thousands of people outside their physical locality. Non-profit Organizations and […]


Picking through the application of several hundreds or thousands of candidates can be really stressful. However, to make life easier for everyone in charge of shortlisting, there is a smart software that is designed to make this load much lighter. This software is known as the APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS). It provides recruiting and hiring […]


One of the most exciting parts of the job-seeking process is being invited for an interview. Firstly, that means that your CV convinced them to take another look at you, and secondly, it means they are considering you for the position and you have to WOW the interviewer –with facts. How do you prepare to […]


Happy New Month! Self-confidence is a lecture that has been taught over and again. Why? Because of how important it is. At every point in time, you need to be able to promote yourself in the right light so that others would reciprocate by according you the due respect. This is especially important for employees […]