Work From Home: Is your business ready?

The current global situation of the coronavirus pandemic has put an infinite pause on most activities, and the outbreak in Nigeria could also result in a similar situation. In most affected countries, there is a nationwide ‘Work From Home’ order due to the pandemic and it is already being adopted by some Nigerian companies and […]

Studio space available

We have a state-of-the-art studio available for video and photo shoots. Our professional team of videographers and video editors are also on-hand as additional service when you book a shoot in our studio. Located at the StudentHub NG head office, our studio is available for use at very affordable rates for equipment and services. For […]

How To Avoid Burning Out At Work

‘Working hard, but we hardly working…‘ There are moments when it seems like you are doing all the work mentally, with no evident results. While this is mostly as a result of reduced productivity, the root cause is a feeling known as ‘Burn out’. Just like a candle at the tail end of its thread, […]

After Uni: Myths vs Facts

Surviving four, or more, years in any Nigerian university is worth celebrating but, people tend to lose focus on what happens after the BSC. has been bagged. Here are the top assumptions about life after university, in comparison with the reality of the situation. MYTH: TIME TO REST Most people are under the impression that […]

Common Mistakes On Résumés That Can Affect Your Chances Of Being Selected.

Some times, you can apply for a job and even though you are qualified and suitable for the position, you are still not shortlisted. The problem could be your résumé. There might be errors that you may not be aware of, these can be noticed by professionals and recruiting personnel. Let’s take a look at […]

10 money saving tips that work

The only way to save money is to not spend money…… Lets keep this simple. Ever heard of the 50/30/20 thumb rule? No? It basically means 50% of your total income should be for necessities like housing and bills, 30% should be for wants such as entertainment and 20% should be saved. Now I know some […]

Ongoing Scholarships in Nigeria 2019

Quality education does not come cheap. The cost of tuition is often a burden for parents, guardians and students especially in a developing country like Nigeria. Scholarships opportunities are abundant for students and most of these scholarships are fully funded until awardees finish their programs. Ensure you are eligible for these scholarships before applying to […]

How to Survive Detty December

December is a special month, duh. It’s the month of joy, love, giving, celebrations, empty pockets and packaging. Asides from being the last month of the year, (workers are usually super excited about that part), it also marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Customers are especially gullible during this season and brands usually capitalize on […]

Meet Studentpreneur Gift Balogun

Please  INTRODUCE YOURSELF I am Balogun Gift, a student of Covenant University, Ota, studying Information and Communication Engineering in my 3rd year. My Creative Brand is Apex Technology Inc. Apex Technology Inc. started as an idea, it’s the general name of my brand that is divided into two (2) categories which are Brute_Code and Royal […]