Are you thinking about requesting for a salary raise at your workplace? Yes asking your boss for a salary increment can be one of the hardest things to do, but with a well written letter of request you’re good to go. Before you go about that, the first question you should think about is ‘Who […]


In recent times technology has advanced so quickly in the business world and every other industry. The mode of communication has been much more easier and collaboration has also become more efficient. Working remotely has become the new norm. Business professionals don’t have to be in the same location to be able to work efficiently. […]

How to sign off/end an email.

Starting a business, applying for jobs, or making simple enquiries, emails have become a part of our daily activities. Like most things, it also has guidelines for the use of grammar, format for composing mail bodies, and of course, how to sign off or end the mail before hitting send! Most often than not, you’ve […]

5 Photo Editing Apps for Android

Taking great photographs is essential in this digital age. There are photo editing apps for Android software phones that you can use to make your photos look the best quality! Check them out below! Adobe Lightroom This is an organization and manipulation software that helps to organize, edit, tag, and share pictures. It has professional […]


Our man crush this week is the Founder & CEO of Farmcrowdy, Onyeka Akumah. Innovator and Tech start-up extraordinaire, Onyeka Akumah is a graduate of Applied Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India. Merging his knowledge of IT with digital marketing skills, Onyeka ventured into the entrepreneurial space. His impressive portfolio is decorated with roles […]

BUSINESS TIPS #4 Networking

The interpersonal and inter-organizational connections you have, can make or break your business. This is the primary reason for the importance of networking as a business owner or someone looking to venture into business. You have to mingle around the social and corporate circles where people who are in your line mingle. With the right […]

Leverage On The Feedback Of Customers To Improve

At the core of every business, is the quality of customer relationship and how it affects development as a brand. A very beneficial way to improve your business is by banking on the feedback from customers. An excellent way to get feedback is through product testing. Gather a sample of your target audience and introduce […]

Job Application Tips -Ensure That Your Cover Letter Complements Your CV

The job search can be tiring but you can help yourself out by taking extra steps during the application process. One key factor is to make sure your cover letter complements your CV. Most job openings and descriptions request for your cover letter as part of the application. A well-written cover letter is great but […]


STUDENT HUB NIGERIA ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH UBA MONI Student Hub Nigeria is glad to officially announce its partnership with United Bank for Africa (UBA Moni) to deliver financial services to the underserved populace through UBA Moni while simultaneously tackling youth unemployment across the country. Student Hub Nigeria is a youth-focused company driven with the desire […]

Business Tips #2 – Put In Your Best Effort

Success is not a fantasy, especially in business. This is primarily due to the fact that business runs on functions and tractions so you can grow! Now, unlocking the growth of your business is the first and most important step to success. One of the best ways to grow, is by putting in your best […]