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Common Mistakes On Résumés That Can Affect Your Chances Of Being Selected.

Some times, you can apply for a job and even though you are qualified and suitable for the position, you are still not shortlisted. The problem could be your résumé.

There might be errors that you may not be aware of, these can be noticed by professionals and recruiting personnel.

Let’s take a look at some errors in résumés:

1. Using The Same Résumé For Multiple Job Applications

Whoever is looking at your résumé is hoping to get a glimpse of your personality and most importantly, your capabilities.

Quite a number of jobseekers tend to reuse the same version of their resume for multiple job applications, which require different skills or knowledge or are in different industries. 

Your job application needs to be adjusted for each particular job you are applying for. 

Excluding basic skills such as MS Office , Excel and communication skills is one sure way to have your résumé overlooked

Include the most basic skills you possess that are required for the particular job listing

2. Irrelevant Social Media Profiles

Social media can an effective job search and placement tool, it has become a common practise to include social media handles on resumes.

In a constantly connected world, leveraging the power of social media can be critical at every stage of the recruitment process.

However, before applying for any job, remember to do a quick check and audit of your social media profiles you’ve included on your resume, do a google search of your handle, see what comes up.

Then remember only to include the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for, some social media profiles, tiktok, snapchat etc. are hardly ever relevant.

You can add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to your résumé, depending on the job position.

3. Poor Writing

In a résumé, your work experience and career and accomplishments are the most important parts and how the information is presented matters comes in at a close second

Spelling mistakes and clichés in a résumé can be unappealing and count against a candidate

Always check your résumé for grammatical errors and ensure that your writing is concise and professional.

4. Unprofessional Email Address

Your email address should be professional and ideally be a simple variation of your first and last name.


Refrain from using unprofessional email addresses to apply for professional jobs dkokorealbig@gmail.com, bigt4real@yahoo.com ? No no….