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COVID-19: Boosting your immunity with sleep!

The skyrocketing increase in coronavirus cases have inspired more people to be cautious about their health.

‘May the best immune system win’ seems to be the favorite quote on social media as the immune system is actually highly effective in fighting the symptoms of the coronavirus.

While people are chugging vitamins, exercising, and eating healthier, everyone seems to be forgetting one very essential part of boosting your immune system -SLEEP!

That’s right. Getting adequate sleep when you close your eyes for the night, may be the perfect solution for boosting your immunity.


The body repairs itself while you sleep

You may have noticed that most medication suggest sleeping for faster effect. This is mainly because when your brain has reduced activity, during sleep, the body can repair and rebuild itself.

Sleep helps with the functioning of T cells

T cells are an important type of cell that are very effective in helping the body fight and defeat infections.

When you get adequate sleep, your body develops T cells with higher levels of integrin activation for attacking virally infected cells.

Getting the right sleep means that you are helping your body develop better immunity!

However, if you struggle with sleep you can try any of these options for better sleep!

  1. Establish a sleep routine -set a time to go to bed and avoid distractions, make sure you stick to the routine for weeks.
  2. Reduce your caffeine intake
  3. Exercise -releasing tension during exercise helps you to relax better, and sleep easier.
  4. Stay away from digital screens when it is almost bedtime.
  5. Change the layout and bedding in your bedroom.

Above all else, practicing the safety guidelines.

Stay at home; Wash your hands; Stay safe.