Hire workers


The coronavirus pandemic has put several things on hold in the world, from businesses to schools and even religious gatherings. The level of unemployment across the world has been on an alarming increase but, despite the dire situation of things, some skills are still very high in demand.

Here are the 7 top skills and industries as a result of COVID-19.


Essential services

Businesses that provide essential services are the leading group of high demand industries. They include health and medicare services, food, and security. These ventures are the most in-demand at this period because of their importance to everyday sustenance.

Financial institutions

Banks, Fintech and Transactional interfaces are another high-ranking industry in demand, due to the constant need for financial transactions. With the lockdown in full effect, online payments are a necessity at this time, and all transactions must occur without glitches.

Internet service providers

Work From Home (WFH) is the newest trend of productively working remotely during the pandemic. As a result, companies that handle the provision of internet services and manage data packages are in very high demand. The availability of fast and reliable internet connection is at the core of productive WFH.


Software development

Building applications and enhancing website development just got better! Software developers and UI/UX experts are in high demand because most companies are going online and need functional websites and applications to conduct business as usual.

Data analysis

Collecting and analyzing data is a crucial part of developing practical solutions to the aftereffects of lockdown in states and communities. The skills of a data analyst remain important to ensure that every aspect of a policy or plan is implemented properly.


Remote work is the hottest thing right now and being an expert freelancer in any field that can be operated from the comfort of your home, is the best skill anyone can have.

Content creation

Developing content for digital entertainment, as well as website and social media marketing, is important for the running of online businesses and engagement of the social media crowd.

Do you have any high demand skills? If no, take an online course to develop one today and make the most of the lockdown situation.

Remember to stay home, stay safe, and maintain social distancing.