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Creative Recruiting Ideas Employers Can Try

Attracting top talents these days has never been more tasking. The growth of AI and automation plus the rate at which freelancing is becoming more popular has created more obstacles when it comes to attracting and hiring the right people.

It’s important to stay ahead of industry trends to find the best and most effective hires as hiring the right talent can drive your company’s revenue and growth.

  1. Organise in person and virtual events

Organising recruiting events serves as a great way for your hiring team to know candidates in a casual setting. Some of the events you can host are industry events, mentoring, and networking events. You can also consider sponsoring the event or getting a stand during an event that’s related to the field your company is part of.

  1. Turn your job ads into hidden messages

Grab your candidate’s attention with things that require some sort of interaction; for example, a mini quiz, or a riddle. This creative recruiting strategy attracts candidates from its customer base on social media.

  1. Implement an employee referral strategy

Putting in place an employee referral program can prompt your employees to refer the best candidates they know. You can also provide incentives or bonuses for those who successfully refer people to encourage others.

  1. Hire freelancers

With the rise of remote working, many people are shifting towards the freelancing world. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and more have created an opportunity for people to hire the best talents for specific jobs.

 If hiring full-time staff is tasking or the job to be covered is a one time job, you can try hiring freelancers to get the job done.

  1. Data-driven techniques

Compiling and analysing data related to your recruitment lets you know what you are doing right, what decisions need to be made, and the techniques that need to be left behind. You must have KPIs in place that you assess and respond adequately to regularly. The result of the data gotten should drive your recruitment decisions.

  1. Add employment perks to your job description 

Perks are side offers that accompany your salary. Some employments include health insurance, free data subscription, company swag, or a personal computer. Taking a creative approach to your employment perks makes you stand out and improves your employer’s brand.

The important thing about the recruitment process is to understand what your employees need and how to relieve their stress. It is also important to note that the method applied by one company may not apply to yours. Follow a strategy that works for you and aligns with your company goals.