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Dealing with difficult co-workers

Working in an organization or company that has you in close proximity with your other co-workers can be the ultimate recipe for drama and disaster, especially having to work with someone who is extremely difficult.

No one would readily admit to being the annoying co-worker, but you do not need a name tag to identify the difficult co-worker. You know, the one who is always acting like they can’t be bothered to do things in any way other than theirs, and they always have to be right. The one that steps into the office and makes you sigh because you know it’s going to be a day of ceaseless complaints, grumbling or sheer unpleasantry.

How do you deal with such a person without risking your job? Easy. Just try these three things.

  1. Stay calm when they start.

A difficult person may start out as a simple annoyance but grow to become unbearable, but no matter what happens, try to maintain your cool. HR may not be interested in who did what, except that both of you disrupted the work of other staff members and that could be a problem for you. Rather than let an insensitive co-worker create problems for you at work, stay calm and let them act out whatever it is. By not responding, you have enough grounds to report their misconduct to the management.

2. Take necessary steps to avoid any, and all, interactions.

If you want to stay calm and avoid altercations, you have to first begin by avoiding interactions with the person. In situations where you have to work on a project or on the same team, maintain professionalism at all times and continue to stay calm. If it is impossible to avoid the person, inform the staff in charge of HR to assist you, politely.

3. Do not give room for disrespect

Yes, we have been talking about keeping your cool and avoiding interaction but when it comes right down to it, you should never let anyone disrespect you. Especially when it is related to something sensitive. If a co-worker blatantly disrespects you, take the necessary steps to file a complaint and get official action taken immediately.