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Dress For The Job #CareerSeries

‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’ is more than just a guide on moral conduct. It is just as applicable in the corporate world.

Most companies and organizations have a code of conduct when it comes to dressing, where it is mandatory to follow certain guidelines. However, if you are working in a place where it is not explicitly defined, it is still as important to dress for the job! Here are a few tips to always make sure you are appropriately dressed –with style!

-Read the room

Pay attention during the interview process for any job. The way the staff are dressed can always give you an idea of how you are expected to dress for the job. Also, you can take note of the daily patterns of dressing that different people at different levels in the organization dress. All these contribute to helping you dress appropriately for the job.

-Understand the type of business

An important aspect to dressing the part is a good understanding of the job. What type of business it? What type of clients does it cater to? What are your responsibilities? How physically active does it require you to be? The answer to this questions helps you to dress accordingly to ensure that your work is done effectively.

-Know your personal limits

Being dressed according to the requirements of your job shouldn’t take you too far out of your comfort zone. While choosing the proper outfits for the job, remember to consider your personal limits when it comes to style. This way, you will always be dressed right and feel good while at it!

Dressing for the job doesn’t have to be drab, it just has to be right!

And remember, if you have any questions or reservations, just ask!!

Find a way to make your personal style applicable in the professional space!!!