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What do you understand by emotional intelligence? Are you emotionally intelligent at the workplace?

Being emotionally intelligent doesn’t just has to do with being aware of your own emotions. It also puts controlling and expressing your emotions to others into consideration, understanding how people around you feel so you can interact with them effectively.

Why is emotional intelligence important at work?

Managers and employees can benefit from improving their level of emotional intelligence in other to be able to lead team projects, gain responsibilities and impact others.

Most people who have high level of emotional intelligence do better as team members and also as leaders

Emotional intelligence is very important in any job industry, especially for administrative professionals. They usually have personal interactions with different personalities at work and with clients; it is necessary for them to work on their emotional intelligence and also apply it while assessing job candidates.

How can I build my emotional intelligence?

Work on your self awareness

How do you handle or react the stress that comes with deadline line ups? How do you handle frustration from a colleague who isn’t listening to your ideas, Don’t conclude that you can handle interactions with people. Try to objectively look at your reaction and ask someone else(a close colleague) for their take on your behaviour. As a team leader, be aware of how your level of emotion, management style and behaviours affect your team to avoid being perceived as a bad leader.

Think before reacting

Be careful how you react when you’re angry. How you react during an emotional outburst can cause your intergrity with your employees or colleagues to drop.

Listen to others

It’s very important to identify with the feelings and the point of view of others at work. You can’t understand someone else’s wants and needs without actually listening to that person.

Be a better listener, avoid interrupting and understand what someone is saying before you speak.

Work on your social skills

Asides listening to what others have to say, you also have to work on improving your communication skill by handling difficult conversations, resolving conflicts and maintaining a friendly aura when interacting with other people on your team.

Emotional intelligence is one key factors HR managers neglect that should be considered when hiring.

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