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Not only is it the best day of the week, inarguably so, it is also the best day to go on a date.

Friday night dates are perfect because there is usually no urgent schedule for the next day so, you get to have as much fun as you want.

Going on a first date tonight, this week, or sometime in the nearest future? Don’t be the typical ‘movies and a meal’ person. Check out these five locations and ideas for the perfect first date.

1. Art gallery

You don’t have to be an expert to take a trip to an art gallery. Visit one for your first date and start a conversation on your mutual lack of knowledge about art, or yours (if your partner is knowledgeable about art). The point is, you are going to have fun regardless. You can grab dinner after or before your visit to the gallery and it will still help make conversation flow.

2. Escape room

There are escape rooms in Lagos which offer a unique bonding experience. You can work on puzzles and riddles to get out of the room, while getting to know each other in the process. Escape rooms also help you get comfortable around your date.

3. Bookstore trip

Get around paperbacks and explore the world of literature while making small talk with your date. Some bookstores have eating areas where you can order for pastries, light meals and coffee/ ice cream.

4. Live music

Enjoy a night out with your date at a lounge or bar that offers live music; jazz or highlife. It sets the conversation going, the mood is light enough and there is every possibility for pepper soup.

5. Arcade games

Most malls in Lagos have arcade centers where you can relax and get the stress of the week off your necks. Take a trip to one and have a fun time with your date -don’t be afraid to let your competitive streak show.

What’s to say you can’t have a fun first date night? Explore your options and make pleasant memories.