Every office has some moments that are completely relatable! Check out some of our top favorites

Who put this thing here/there?!

What is the thing? From whence cometh said thing? Who had the audacity to place it at said location?

This question is a lot funnier if you are the culprit and no one suspects.

So, you are leaving by 5pm?

Eskis me ma, it is a 9-to-5 not a ‘9-till-mama-calls’. What am I supposed to do after 5pm? Pick beans?

The printer/photocopier is out of paper

When it’s not as if you people are eating this thing. Why are we always out of paper please dears?

Birthday cake / chops

Best time of any month. Not only do you get a somewhat extended break, you also enjoy something sweet while at work!


The realest OG in any industry. Once Friday rolls around, there is less tension and everyone has a smile!

So, how is your week going?

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