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Five Tips to finesse your job search!

Being unemployed is one of the lowest moments of anyone’s life, especially for people who do not possess entrepreneurial skills. However, one of the most common mistakes people make when searching for a job is HOW they search.

We understand that you may be under a lot of pressure and feel tense, but you can still finesse your job search so that getting employed won’t feel like going from frying pan straight to fire.

Find the perfect job by using these tips to finesse your job search!

  1. Expand your location coverage

Don’t restrict yourself to just one location. If it is a job you can do remotely then you can highlight that in your cover letter, also the company or organization might be willing to cover the costs of your relocation, if your employability is worth it. In a case where neither of these is an option, you can choose to move if the offer is enticing enough. Who knows? The new state might be holding more opportunities for you!

2. Double check the job description

Most Job ads only feature the job title and a push-to-action application button. However, you need to find out the job description and read it adequately. Be sure that you understand exactly what you will be required to do, and compare with the offered remuneration. Sometimes, the job description for a single title may encompass tasks to be covered by at least three full-time employees but, if you do not read the description, you may not know.

3. Pick a field or industry

A lot of the ‘hot’ jobs today can fit into any field or industry but it is left to you, to streamline your job search to a particular industry. This way, you can tailor your skills as a specialist in that field after conducting sufficient research to back up your application and subsequently excel at the interview.

4. Routinely update your CV

We cannot overemphasize the importance of having the current and correct information on your CV when applying for jobs. If a job listing is focused on UI and your CV is constructed to highlight your UX expertise, it won’t matter that you are double-skilled in UI as well. Always update your CV to match the application you are sending it in for.

5. Get certified!

Above all else, get certified. Most companies and organizations prefer to hire people who have attained professional level of certification in certain roles in order to appropriately shoulder responsibilities assigned.

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