Picking through the application of several hundreds or thousands of candidates can be really stressful. However, to make life easier for everyone in charge of shortlisting, there is a smart software that is designed to make this load much lighter.

This software is known as the APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS). It provides recruiting and hiring tools for companies by collecting and sorting out submitted applications. Sounds brilliant right?

Well, it is not so great for an applicant who doesn’t know about it.

How do you fix that?

By getting your CV on its radar!

A company that is using this software programs it to search for relevant information in your CV. When a job opening is advertised, there are some keywords that highlight what the company is looking for and these are inputted in the ATS for areas such as skills, experience etc.

Therefore, the top best way to make sure CV hits the ATS radar is to make sure your CV highlights possible keywords as they appear on the job description.

This way your CV can be selected for further review!

Cool, isn’t it?

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