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The sales department is a very different field. It requires identifying an ideal candidate with a proper sales background, experience and a few skills. Searching for a candidate is also similar to approaching potential customers.

There’s no business without sales and no sales without good sales representatives so hiring a sales rep for your business isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

Every organization should have a proper plan when hiring sales executives in order for it to thrive. In this post, we’d be discussing tips that can help in the hiring process of sales executives for your business/organization:

Create a recruitment profile

It is important to identify potential candidates with the right sales background and other things necessary for the role.

Now, how do you determine what traits to expect in your ideal candidate?

All you have to do is to analyze top performers in your sales team and asks these set of questions.

– What motivates them?

– What sales style do they use?

– Their sales industry background

After getting answers to these questions, it’d help with preparing the requirements for the role.

Job description

Make sure to invest your time to create an attractive and engaging job description. It has to be well-written, sells the company and describes the position properly. You should avoid the following when preparing the job description:

– Using generic job descriptions. Be creative while still making your point clear.

– Writing unrealistic work experience and skills. If your job description is too good to be true, it might probably scare off prospect candidates as there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate.

Screen your applicants

Job screening is a way to filter your search for an ideal sales executive. It saves you more time and stress during the interview process. The screening can either be physical, virtual or a phone call screening depending on which is the most appropriate for you.

The Interview

Once you’ve screened your candidates, now you can call the most desirable candidates for the interview.

Create a standard interview pattern with realistic questions that would be used to examine their sales skills and knowledge in all aspect of sales. You could also ask open ended questions about their goals, motivation, personality and behavior and analyze them based on their responses.

You can get your candidates to prepare a sales presentation to assess their presentation skills and how good they are with sales and marketing.

Develop your channels

Now you’ve written a description of the sales role and you’ve posted it on almost all job portals. You may achieve a number of prospect candidates but not enough quality prospects.

Try out different recruitment channels that are very effective and do well to invest in that option in order to actively search for candidates that are befitting for your requirement and are looking good job opportunities.

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